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Shot 3 - Missionary Training Video
animation, camera Tracking, 
​object tracking, lighting, masking 

Shot 2 - Obedience to Ten Commandments

draw on and fill effects, lighting, particle effects

Shot 6 - Zumba Promo
editing, animation, effects

Shot 13 - personal project

rotoscope, animation, compositing, effects

Shot 1 - Personal project (matching concept art)
chroma keying, compositing, animation, effects, lighting 

Shot 4 - Purpose of Life

animation, camera, effects,compositing

Shot 5 - Roots Tech Promo 
character and camera animation, effects, lighting

Shot  11 - Promo
animation, effects

Shot Breakdown

Shot 9 - Hr Video

rotoscope, animation, compositing


Shot 7  - Personal project

camera tracking, animation, effects, compositing, lighting

Shot 10 - LDS visitor center Promo
animation, effects

Shot 8 - What is Addiction

animation, camera, effects

Shot 12 - PEF instructional video
camera animation, character animation, effects