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Storyboards and sketch book

Motion Graphics brings movement, life and interest - both as stand alone videos as well as being an excellent addition to any video. It becomes an increasingly popular way to draw in more business.



Previsualization is becoming a vital part of the production pipeline.  It allows directors, producers, actors, and VFX houses to see what is needed before Principal Photography even begins


Character animation allows us to see the unbelievable come to life.  Whether it is too dangerous, too expensive or only exists in the imagination, animating characters will provide your story with the illusion of life.


- After effects

- Maya

- Syntheyes

- Premeire

- Photoshop

- Zbrush

- Illustrator

Skill Set

- Motion Graphics

- 2D and 3D Character Animation

- Previs/Postvisualization

- 3D Modeling and sculpting

- Editing

- Camera Tracking

- Compositing

- Motion Capture

- Storyboarding

- Rigging

- Textureing

- Lighting

SKills and Programs